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We envision Pasadena, Altadena, and Sierra Madre as communities that nurture every child and create an environment where young children are healthy, safe and find early success in school and life.

Growing Together PASadena's MISSION

Growing Together PASadena, coordinated by the Pasadena Office of the Young Child, is a network of parents and caregivers, service providers, and early childhood advocates that fosters development of children ages 0-5 and supports families with tools and resources to thrive. Each of the sites in our network serve as locations for families with children ages zero to five to access services and the support they need to flourish, with a specific focus on school readiness.

Services at each site include:

  • Welcoming space for children ages 0-5 and their families

  • Individualized resources and referrals

  • Parenting support and learning opportunities for children ages 0-5

Tip: Emotional Maturity

Use positive language to encourage your child. Praising their effort for even the smallest struggle can build their confidence in facing challenges.

These tips were developed through the Early Development Instrument (EDI). Click here to learn more!

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