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TGX Supportive Community

As a queer student, recent legislation and outbreaks of violence against queer kids are deeply terrifying.
  However, I know for a fact that I'd rather exist truthfully in fear than live sheltered and safe.
  We always have existed, and we deserve to continue existing.

- Pasadena Unified student

Open letter in support of our trans and gender diverse children and youth

To our community,


There are currently 427 active bills in 41 states (as of April 9, 2024) in this country that seek to block transgender, nonbinary, and gender-expansive (TGX) people from receiving basic healthcare, education, legal recognition, and the right to exist publicly. This number does not include the current efforts that target trans students in our own community. These bills especially target TGX youth and are deeply informed by the spreading of misinformation about TGX individuals.


Statistics show that transgender, nonbinary, and gender-expansive youth, along with those who are intersex, are more likely to experience bullying, harassment, and adverse mental health outcomes compared to their cisgender peers.


However, the impact of acceptance and support of TGX youth is significant. Studies show that transgender and nonbinary youth who reported gender identity acceptance from at least one adult had 33% lower odds of reporting a past-year suicide attempt. This number increases to 49% with acceptance from additional adults in their lives.


In the spirit of solidarity, we call upon our larger community to support and uplift our TGX and our lesbian, gay, bisexual, queer, intersex, and asexual (LGBQIA) youth who also face similar struggles. It is imperative that we recognize and respect the rights of transgender, nonbinary, and gender-expansive students. We affirm that they have the right to use facilities and participate in activities consistent with their authentic gender identity. We also affirm that they have a right to privacy and self-determination regarding how and when they share who they are, as recently affirmed by California Attorney General Rob Bonta. We must ensure that their correct pronouns and chosen names are respected and that they can express themselves authentically without fear of judgment or discrimination.


We urge our larger community to join us in creating a culture of acceptance, inclusion, and love for all LGBTQIA+ youth and ask that you take part in one or more of the following actions:


  1. Sign on to this letter of support. Please share it with your friends, colleagues, and neighbors.

  2. Educate yourself and those around you about TGX needs and experiences.

  3. Support local LGBTQ+ organizations that are doing life-saving work for TGX youth by joining their advocacy efforts or making a financial contribution.


Through these actions, we can take steps to make our community a better place for all LGBTQIA+ youth. Let us listen to their voices, honor their experiences, and advocate for their rights and well-being. Together, we can ensure that every LGBTQIA+ youth knows they are perfect exactly as they are and that our world is infinitely better because of them.

(add your name to the letter)


Ana Acevedo - Altadena resident and PUSD parent

Lauren Acker - Educator and parent

Noeleen Acosta - Therapist

Zarreah Adedipe

Geoff Albert - Parent, Altadena resident, nonprofit leader

Thea Alvarado

Johanna Atienza - Nonprofit Executive

Sara K Austin - parent

Elizabeth Beaumont - Educator, Pasadena Resident

Bakhtawar Bhadha - Educator

Rayo Bhadha

Varun Bhadha

Zerxes Bhadha

Jeannine Bogaard - Nonprofit, Educator

Ress Boulter

Margie Bradley - Educator

Kitty Cahalan - PUSD parent and Pasadena resident

Patrick Cahalan - PUSD Trustee

Zane Cahalan - Transgender student

Marie Cantor - Altadena resident and PUSD parent

Ashley Carrasco - Pasadena Resident & Hood Liberation Co-Chair

Stevi Carroll - Retired teacher/ current tutor

Brenden Thomas Cashatt - Educator

Francesca Chaboya

Steven J Cole - Educator

Jennifer L. Collins, LCSW

Stephanie Cosey - Educator

Keith Couser - Realtor

Ernesto Covarrubias - Community member

Robert Takahashi Crouch - Cultural Leader

Emily Cummins

Alex Dean - mom of a trans kid

Vannia De La Cuba

Carol DeuPree - Grandparent, retired teacher, Altadena resident

Julie A Esnard - Altadena resident

Kristel Foutch

Tina Fredericks - Pasadena Unified School Board Member

Daniel Alexander Garcia - Educator

Emmanuel Gómez - Educator

Jennifer Hall Lee - PUSD Trustee

Scott Harden - Public Education Advocate

Natalie Harris - Educator/Pasadena resident

Bob Harrison - Altadena resident

Elizabeth Harrison - Pasadena Resident

Jack Harrison

Lisa Harrison

William Harrison - Educator, Altadena Resident

Whitney Harrison-Kambarami - Pasadena resident, public health and community engagement professional

Emily Hopkins - Pasadena resident, non-profit leader

Margaret Hunt - Parent

J. Hwang

Mo Hyman - Nonprofit executive

Anusha Iyengar - Educator

Liz Jackman - Caltech Y

Shayda Jalali - Professor

Jasmin - community member

Eric V. Johnson - Pastor

Councilmember Justin Jones

K Jordan

Farisai Kambarami - Filmmaker

Tina Kardos - Altadena resident

Kimberly Kenne - Altadena resident and parent

Julie Kiotas - Professor Pasadena City College

AnnMarie Kolakowski - librarian

Lisa Kroese - PUSD Mom and PUSD District 6 Candidate

Katie Lookholder - Educator, Sociologist, Ally

Jason Lyon - Pasadena City Councilmember

Natasha Mahone - Parent

Zac Matthews - Educator, Parent

Patrice Marshall McKenzie

Ms Julie Romero McKune - Altadena resident, retired public school teacher

Laura Monroe

Aida Muciño - Pasadena Community Member

Rachel Lynn Munson - Pasadena resident for 7+ years, TGX ally

Alvin Nash - Educator

Elonda Norris

Stephen Nowlin - Artist, Curator, Altadena Resident, Parent

Michael Ocon - Education Advocate

Ashley Olmsted

Kim Olpin

Senator Anthony J. Portantino - California State Senator

Jane Potelle - Altadena resident

Akata Pulini - Pasadena resident

Karla V. Ramos - College Advising

Alexandra Rasic

Deborah Repella - PUSD parent and Pasadena resident

Jess Rivas

Patrick Rock

Stella Sakhon

Iman Salehian

Michelle Schnittjer - PUSD parent & LGBTQ+ ally

Sheryl Scott

Kelly Soifer - Leadership Coach & Consultant

Jenny Slattery - Arts administrator

Justin Slosky - Sierra Madre resident

Norah Small - Altadena resident, PUSD grad, PUSD parent

David Spiro - Altadena resident, non-profit executive

Brian Stanley - Educator

Amanda Steiman

Emily Stough - PUSD Parent

Chris Sulzbach - Works at a youth non-profit in Pasadena.

Jada Tarvin

Becky Thyre

Dr. Raquel Torres-Retana

Yarma Velazquez Vargas - Educator, Pasadena resident, PUSD Board trustee

Nancy Verdin

Maureen Iser Vukojevich - Speech-Language Pathologist, PUSD Parent, & Pasadena Resident

Samantha Walnick - Educator

Trustee Alton Wang - Pasadena City College Trustee

KC Wheeler

Rex Wilde - TGX+ Inclusion Consultant

Tasha Wilkins - PUSD parent

Mia Williams - Director of Community Engagement

Erin A. Wimberly - Pasadena Resident & Birthworker

iO Wright

Christy Zamani - Parent, Community Advocate, and Nonprofit Leader

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