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About Us

Our Mission 

To eliminate disparities in outcomes for children by partnering with the community and advocating to reduce structural racism and systemic inequities.

Our Guiding Principles 
  1. We expect equitable outcomes for all children.  It is important to remove the barriers in the systems and institutions rather than expecting children to overcome those barriers in order to succeed.

  2. In order to amplify the beneficial impact of the programs and efforts of our partners, we work to eliminate inequities in systems, structures and policies that serve as a barrier to our partners’ success.

  3. We co-create our common agenda and shared measurements with the community.  We share power with the people of the community and help to develop community leaders.

  4. We recognize that collaborative work is based on trusting relationships and take the time needed to develop them.  We use culturally responsive communication to help build trust.

Our Impact

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