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Dr. Sonja Johnson, Health Programs District Coordinator, Pasadena Unified School District

Dr. Sonja Johnson is an educational and equity leader with over 18 years of experience in the charter and district schools sectors within the greater Los Angeles area. As Pasadena Unified School District’s Health Programs District Coordinator, Dr. Johnson is responsible for elevating and amplifying the district's various health programs and partnerships through the lens of equity and access. Prior to joining Pasadena Unified School District, Dr. Johnson spent nine years as a mentor and principal at Green Dot Public Schools and served as a senior leadership coach with Los Angeles Education Partnership where she coached principals and district leaders across Southern California. Dr. Johnson currently serves as Vice Chair on the board of Soleil Academy Charter School where she helps to continue the legacy of building a strong foundation for every transitional kindergarten through fifth grade scholar.

Dr. Johnson has earned a doctorate degree in Educational Leadership from USC, a Master’s in Organizational Leadership in Education from California State University Dominguez and a Master’s in Human Development from Pacific Oaks College.

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