Development of the Collaborate PASadena Initiative

Before 2013

  • A number of efforts that highlight the strength and benefits of collaboration are underway

  • Examples include the Community Schools Initiative by PUSD, the Invest in PUSD Kids program, and the Parent Education Network (PEN)

  • Kahlenberg “One Pasadena” Report is presented (2006)

  • Best practice collaboration research is conducted

  • Shared vision for partnership is developed by the City and PUSD


  • School/City/Community Work Plan is adopted by the City of Pasadena and PUSD in order to foster 21st Century skills to improve student outcomes


  • Initiative’s governance structure is defined by PUSD/City Council ad hoc committee

    • Leadership Council (governing body)

    • Work Groups in four priority areas

  • Shared vision, mission, and objectives are established

  • USC Capstone Project is completed (phase 1)

  • YMCA partnership for 40 Developmental Assets Survey

  • Youth Empowerment Service (YES) Grants

  • Coordination and alignment with family and youth initiatives

    • City of Pasadena Early Learning Policy

    • Peoria Place

    • Youth Master Plan

    • PUSD Career Pathways


  • Leadership Council members are identified

    • ​Fall 2015 full Council begins governing

  • Parent Engagement Work Group (fifth priority area) is established

  • Parameters of measuring success are analyzed

  • Work Groups meet collectively to work on goals and objectives

  • Collaboration and coordination for asset mapping, and communication (GroupSite)

  • Next phase design undertaken with professional consultant team


  • First measurable goal is identified (3rd grade reading proficiency)

    • Alignment with Reading Partners program

    • Altadena community volunteer recruitment effort

    • Walk to Read established

    • Read Across Pasadena and Realtors Initiative

    • Second Grade Book Drive

  • Work Groups expand and organize around outcome goals

  • USC Capstone Project is completed (phase 2)

  • Organizational Home search is completed; Flintridge Center named

  • Director search is conducted


  • Full-time Director begins

  • Marketing and communication efforts are expanded

    • Formal presentations to myriad local service clubs and educational groups

    • The Amplifier monthly e-newsletter launches

    • Website and social media presence are established

    • Database of constituents is grown from 250-700+

  • Work Groups refine short- and long-range priorities and plans

    • Parent Engagement effort partners with Pasadena Unified School District (PUSD) Parent Leaders Group

    • Healthy Families Work Group re-focuses on PUSD support

    • Supportive Communities Work Group holds neighborhood clean-up, builds strategy for neighborhood associations, and recommends adoption of neighborhood leadership training toward building capacity to collaborate

  • Community Service Hub work is explored

  • Innovation in Collaboration event held in April (“Mix and Mingle”)

  • Youth Leadership Network developed, and first annual Youth Leadership Conference held in August

  • Neighborhood Summit focused on learning and sharing best practices held in September

  • Launch of Pasadena as an Early Learning City by 2025 held in September

  • Collaborate PASadena Neighborhood Leadership Institute offers 10-week grassroots training for community members

  • "Mentor Pasadena" is supported with building partnerships toward growing mentoring efforts in the Pasadena area

  • Reading initiative continues with Walk to Read, Reading Partners, Read Across Pasadena and Second Grade Book Drive

  • Year-end Celebration of Collaboration focused on partner accomplishments of 2017 held in December