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Neighborhood Leadership Institute

September 12 - November 14, 2017

Building capacity for collaboration in Pasadena, Altadena, and Sierra Madre

A 10-week, grassroots training opportunity for anyone wanting to become more involved in the community with 3 big takeaways:

Knowledge  |  Tools  |  Relationships

Fall Session: September 12 - November 14, 2017

(Graduation Ceremony November 28)


From its origin in 2013, Collaborate PASadena has been committed to making our community a desirable place to live for children and their families. The vision is that all residents will live in safe, stable and supportive environments. In addition, a high priority for the initiative is to catalyze collaboration. Working together, the City of Pasadena, the Pasadena Unified School District, neighborhood associations, nonprofit organizations, faith community and others will achieve this vision. Collaboration is proven to be better than working alone and the training of grassroots leaders builds capacity for that important process.

When the City of Pasadena’s Neighborhood Connections Office closed in early 2017, it was not clear how the 17 year-old Pasadena Neighborhood Leadership Institute program would be carried out. Fortunately, Collaborate PASadena will continue the program in its proven, successful format, beginning in the Fall of 2017.


The CPNLI is a 10-session program for people of all backgrounds and interests who wish to become more involved in the community. Its mission is to engage, educate and prepare service-oriented individuals who live, study and/or work in Pasadena, Altadena or Sierra Madre for leadership roles in community organizations, neighborhood associations, schools, places of worship, city government, and more.

Training sessions occur every Tuesday from 6:00 – 9:00 pm at various locations around the community. Dinner and Spanish language interpretation are provided at each session.

— Martin, Class of 2015

The program benefited my life by introducing me to people who care about our community. I not only met leaders with expertise in how to effectively communicate, collaborate, and develop teams that can accomplish a mission, but I also became good friends with neighbors that I might never otherwise have met...



  • To develop effective, skillful and compassionate leaders who can creatively address issues and ongoing challenges confronting the diverse neighborhoods and organizations of the Pasadena/Altadena/Sierra Madre area

  • To grow effective relationships between residents which contribute to the improvement of the quality of life throughout the community

  • To encourage effective collaboration between neighborhoods, community resources, and civic organizations to strengthen a changing multicultural community

  • To grow neighborhoods throughout the community that are safe, stable and healthy, benefitting all children and families



All residents of Pasadena, Altadena and Sierra Madre are invited to apply for the program.



Applications will be accepted until September 8, 2017.

Click here to download the application packet.

Session Topics Include:

Civic Participation

Project Planning

Cross Cultural Relations

Running Effective Meetings

Finding Your Authentic Voice

Strategic Planning & Problem-Solving

Effective Communication

Public Speaking

Group Conflict & Consensus Building

Recruiting, Motivating & Sustaining Volunteers

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