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Collective Impact and Partners

Collaborate PASadena is an initiative, based on Collective Impact research, that:

  • Develops and nurtures new community partnerships

  • Establishes better working relationships

  • Improves communication between all partners and stakeholders

  • Shares accountability for results

  • Supports the alignment of resources

  • Allows for meaningful participation of diverse stakeholders

Common Agenda

All participants have a shared vision for change

Shared Measurement

Collecting data and measuring results consistently

Mutually Reinforcing Activities

Participant activities are coordinated through a plan of action

Continuous Communication

Consistent and open communication is needed

Backbone Support

A separate, staffed organization serves as a backbone for the entire initiative

Collaborate PASadena partners with many community organizations and others doing great work in Pasadena, Altadena and Sierra Madre. The list grows daily!
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